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This type of cutting machine is table – gantry structure. The whole worktable adopts an overall round-edged structure, which has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, suitable for thicker plate CNC cutting, long service life, etc.; this model has automatic ignition and adopts light axis linear guide, bilateral drive. It can achieve cutting of any metal material according to any figure, and can be equipped with capacitive or arc pressure automatic height adjustment system. According to the requirements of users, it can be configured as flame, plasma, flame and plasma.

Product main features

1. Beam: The square tube butt welding structure has the characteristics of good rigidity, high precision, light weight, and small inertia. All welded parts are vibration-aged and stress relieved to effectively prevent structural deformation.

2. Longitudinal and lateral drive: all adopt precision gear rack (7-level accuracy) transmission. The horizontal guide rail adopts the linear guide rail imported from Taiwan. The longitudinal guide rail is made of special steel rails with precision machining, which ensures the stable operation of the cutting machine, high precision, durability, clean and beautiful appearance; the planetary gear reducer can be used for the deceleration and can be perfect. Ensure the accuracy and balance of movement;

3. Longitudinal drive frame (end frame): horizontal guide wheels are installed at both ends to adjust the degree of compaction of the eccentric wheel on the guide rail at the bottom of the drive frame so that the whole machine can maintain a stable orientation during the movement. Equipped with a dust collector to sweep any debris accumulated on the rail surface at any time;

4. The drive system is a domestic stepper drive. According to the user’s needs, the world’s top product can be selected – imported Japanese Panasonic AC servo drive / domestic servo drive, so that the whole machine is more stable, the speed range is wider, and the acceleration time is short;

5. The lift body adopts aluminum alloy structure. The lifting guide adopts linear guide rails, lifting and lifting adopt ball screw lifting;

6. Easy-to-use automatic programming system makes NC programming no longer complicated and easy;

7. The CNC control system adopts the independent latest R&D control system (8 inch color screen), which has the most excellent stability and super anti-interference ability in the country.