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The Portable cnc plasma cutter machine, also known as car-type CNC cutting machine or micro CNC cutting machine, judging from the characteristics of the models, the car-type cutting machine combines the features of high-speed and high-efficiency CNC cutting machines. At the same time, its machining accuracy is much higher than that of ordinary handheld or profiling equipment.It is precisely because of the above characteristics that the car-type CNC cutting machine is the most widely used type of cutting machine in the domestic market, and its market share has reached more than half.

The Portable cnc plasma cutter machine is small and light and can be placed and moved as required.

The portable CNC cutting machine adopts Shanghai Fangling CNC system, which has excellent stability and anti-jamming capability in China. Support Chinese, English and other language interface, simple and convenient operation and maintenance. The system has 48 kinds of common graphics, which can be used directly. The CAD graphics file can be directly converted into cutting processing code, transmitted to the cutting machine control system through the U disk interface on the host computer to achieve cutting, without manual programming.

The host adopts a 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate with a closed casing. After wire drawing, it is dust-proof and shields the external magnetic field. The overall structure is compact, beautiful, and corrosion-resistant.