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Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine is mainly used for precision cutting of large-format sheet. It is an efficient and energy-saving cutting and cutting equipment, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of steel plate and cutting efficiency.

The main application areas: sheet metal processing, construction machinery, construction steel, pressure vessels, machinery manufacturing, petrochemicals, environmental protection equipment, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, coal machinery equipment, tower crane lifting, bridge formwork.

Large-scale heavy-duty gantry CNC flame, plasma dual-use cutting machine, simple operation, fully automatic work, the performance is more excellent and reliable; Bilateral drive, stable walking; The beam adopts the steel structure method, and the quenching treatment greatly reduces the deformation of the beam caused by the high temperature and ensures the high-precision operation of the equipment. Walking gear adopts rack and pinion transmission to ensure more stable equipment operation; With the integrated structure, the installation and debugging are convenient and fast; the plasma standard beam mounting rack greatly reduces the customer’s preparation workload; Easy to operate, reduce operator skill requirements;

The cutting method can be flame or plasma cutting and can be quickly switched; The plasma torch is equipped with a magnetic anti-collision device to prevent damage to the torch due to operational errors.