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45.Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Product Description

1 Flame cutting: Cutbox 1225/1530:Aluminum Alloy track +machine+flame cutting
2 Plasma Cutting Cutmax 1225/1530 :Flame/plasma cutting+ height controller settings

Portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine is with cnc controller, which can achieve automatic cutting, very easy to operation and maintainance.

Regarding to plasma power source,we have Hypertherm,Thermal Dynamics,Kjellberg,Tayor LGK,ESAB,etc,which including plain plasma power source,finefocus plasma power source,hifocus plasma power source,lase-like plasma power source.

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The biggest advantage of portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine is it is very ecomonic and practical, suitable for small company with not big cutting quantity.

Cutting Area(mm)1250x25001500x30001250x25001500x3000
MaterialMild steel ; IronMild steel; stainless steel ; Aluminum
Thickness(mm)Quality Cut 6-50mm
Edge start Max up to 120mm
Hypertherm Powermax105 1-20mm
Hypertherm Powermax85  1-16mm
Hypertherm Powermax65  1-12mm
Hypertherm Powermax45  1-10mm
Victor Cut masterA120     1-18mm
Victor Cut masterA80      1-12mm
Victor Cut masterA60      1-10mm
Cutting speed (mm/min )50-800mm/min50-4000mm/min
Drive modeStep MotorStep Motor
Running speedMax up to 9000mm/minMax up to 9000mm/min
Power and gas RequestPower Input: 220V 50-60 Hz
Fuel gas pressure: Max 0.7Mpa(14.5 psi)
Oxy-fuel pressure: Max 0.1Mpa(101.5 psi)
Power Input: Single phase 220V 50-60 Hz
Three phase 380V 50-60 Hz
Compressed Air: 0.8 Mpa (114psi)
Gross weight (KG)115125117128
Packing size (mm)3000x273x603500x273x603000x273x603500x273x60