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43.Portable CNC Plasma Cutter in Metal Cutting Machinery


1200-1400 mm cutting width, 1500-2000 mm longitudinal cutting length, PE-CUT-C1 economical portable plasma cutting machine's cutting process design is simple, with the function of optimizing and processing the lines automatically , simple and direct programming, that can be used to operate without complex training .

Beams are made of special industrial aluminum alloy with light weight, is not easy to deform and it is convenient to be moved.Free processing, it can be set to multiple torches to meet your different demands. Perfect Laser has been providing you with the most suitable plasma cutting products by your side.

Technical Data

Cutting shapeProgrammable cutting of straight and arcs of any flat shape steel plate parts
Control Methodnational standard JB / T10045.3-99
Installationcombination of installation, can be free to move, do not occupy a fixed site
Cutting widthtransverse span 1900mm, effective cutting width 1500mm
Track lengthorbit length of 2800mm, effective cutting length of 2500mm
Torch configurationcutting torch system 1 set, according to customer needs assembly flame, plasma dual
Cutting thickness4-120mm, more than this thickness to be customized
Ignition and increaseautomatic ignition, electric increase
NC SystemEmbedded CNC Cutting Control System
NC programmingDesign of Automatic Graphic Programming Software Based on AutoCAD for NC Programming
File transferith USB interface
Cut gasoxygen + acetylene or propane
Speed range0 --- 3500mm / min (mm / min)

Product Features

1) Cutting shape is diverse: you can cut any straight line and arc composed of most of the plane graphics.The slits are flat ,the cutting accuracy is meet the national standards,and modeling offinished product is beautiful and generous.
2) Economy portable and random combination: the combination of installation, can be free to move as a whole, do not occupy a fixed place, saving processing site.
3) Cutting thickness: suitable for the flame cutting thickness of within 120 mm, more than this thickness can be customized to meet your different processing needs.
4) A variety of cutting methods:can choose a single flame cutting, single plasma cutting or flame plasma cutting, according to different processing materials to select the appropriate cutting method.
5) Cutting precision: the use of seamless gear rack drive, stepper motor drive, Taiwan imported linear guide, the machine running smoothly, high precision.
6) CNC programming: Based on AutoCAD, Perfect laser independent research and development of automatic graphical programming software,is easy to operate, stable and reliable.