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plasma and flame table cnc cutter for carbon steel

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2. plasma and flame table cnc cutter for carbon steel - 副本

Quick Details

Dimensions: 1500x4000
Voltage: 380v
Rated Power: 8.5KW
Weight: 5000kg
Certification: ISO, SGS,CCC
Year: 2019
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sales Service Provided: Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Online support, Video technical support
Control system: Hypertherm/Thermadyne/ESAB/Shanghai Fangling
Cutting mode: Plasma Cutting+ Flame Cutting
Cutting thickness: 0.5-30mm
Cutting material: Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Aluminum
Working area: 1500x4000
Motor: Sevro Motor
Plasma power: Hypertherm/Thermadyne/Lincoln/Huayuan
Model: CSTG-1540D
Gas Supply: Air/Oxygen/Nitrogen
Power Supply: 60A/85A/100A/120A/200A

Product Application

CNC precision plasma cutting machine, ideal for fine plasma and laser-like plasma, for high-speed, high-quality cutting of medium and thin metal sheets, stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel.

plasma and flame table cnc cutter for carbon steel
Cutting Capacity
Cutting Area
Cutting Thickness
Cutting Speed
mm /min
Cutting Accraucy
Repeat Accuracy
Intersection Offset
Other Performance
Range of cutting torch lifting
Straightness accuracy
Diagonal difference

Main Features

1) The slit is narrow, the cutting surface is inclined, and the cutting section is of high quality.
2)The machine integrates numerical control technology, computer technology and precision mechanical technology. The vertical and horizontal movements are guided by precision ball linear guides with good guiding precision.
3)The frame is a monolithic structure, the beam is a welded box structure, and the transverse drive device and the torch laterally moving the ball linear guide are mounted on the beam.
4)The bilaterally driven machine has a pair of identical longitudinal driving devices. The servo motor drives the precision output gears to mesh with the precision racks mounted on the frame to make the end frames move longitudinally. The whole machine runs smoothly and the cutting precision is high. .
5)The lateral movement of the main torch is a linear motion through the precision rack of the drive unit on the beam. The computer-controlled CNC cutting system cuts out the geometry required by the user.
6) This machine is equipped with a sectional exhaust and dust removal device. The exhaust and dust removal pipe of this machine is an external type, mechanical type damper. Through the operation of the Y-axis, the damper is opened one by one, and the ventilation effect is excellent.