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portable spare part- Fastcam

CNC plasma cutter nesting software:

fastcam nesting software
professonial version with auto nesting function
Suitable for auto CAD
standard version and professional version are available

Products features:

1. Easy to operate, complete training courses, training demonstrations and accelerated textbooks
2. Full-featured, covering the whole process of drawing, nesting, programming, cutting and verification
3. The nesting function is perfect, from manual, automatic, matrix, automatic tightening, to manual automatic interactive nesting, fully combining the experience of human nesting and the computing speed of the computer.
4. Fully automatic edge nesting cutting to improve nesting utilization and save steel
5. Residual material nesting management, effectively saving and recycling the remaining steel plates
6. Bridging and continuous cutting to improve cutting efficiency, effectively avoid or reduce preheating and perforation, save consumables, especially reduce plasma cutting nozzles and electrodes
7. At the same time support multiple cutting machines of different brand controllers, such as FastCNC, Burny, EDGE, Fagor, start, etc.
8. Full support for Windows98/2000/NT/XP/VISTA, WIN7, WIN8 operating systems