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Gantry Type CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine 3080


1. Different cutting torches, plasma, flame and strips, are optional according to customers requirements.
2. Gantry type box beam, double-side driving motors, compact, reliable and effective, suitable for wide track working; China top brand or imported guiding rails for horizontal transmission, precise and stable
3. Imported or china top brands guide rails for horizontal transmission, high precision and excellent performance. Specialized rails for longitudinal transmission with surface grinded, enjoy high working precision and abrasive resistance.
4. Custom-made racks and gear from professional manufacturers, surfaced carburized and quenched, enjoy high precision; German NEU GART gear speed reducer adopted for horizontal and longitudinal transmission, which is characterized of high precision, big torque and low bag gap.
5. Adopted Panasonic servo system can detect location and enjoys a high working presion, wide speed range and short acceleration time.
6. Different cutting tools and cutting torch systems provided for flame cutting,plasma cutting, etc.
7. Composed of gas box and gas distributing system, gas pipe adopts automatic ignition device and back fire arrestor, thus a safe and stable working performance guaranteed.
8. High power plasma power source for different materials cutting.
9. Optional functions in accordance with customers requirements.




1.Gantry cnc cutting machine more stable, it can acquire more than torch, even to achieve long straight cutting.
2.Large thickness steel cutting capacity, lower cost cutting.
3.System function, high stability, strong anti-interference, applies various demestic and hypertherm power,flame cutter
4.Easy to transport, cost saving, more economy


Application Material: it is suitable for carbon steel, copper, iron, aluminum and galvanized sheet, titanium sheet,stainless steel and other metal sheet.
Application industry: it is widely used for processing shells of machinery and electronic products, advertising signs, crafts, iron garden, car manufacture, boat building, electrical accessories, board cutting.

Technical parameters

1Effective Cutting Width (X axis)3000mm
2Effective Cutting Length (Y axis)8000mm
3Cross Beam Length3000mm
4Longitudinal Rail Length0-8000mm/ minute
5Cutting shapeany shapes
6LCD Display Dimension7.0 Inches
7Plasma Cutting Thickness2--40mm ( Depends on plasma power source capacity)
8Flame Cutting Thickness6--200mm
9Drive Modebilateral drive
10Cutting Modeflame and plasma
11Ignition deviceAuto ignition device
12Height regulating deviceArc voltage height and Electric adjustable high
13File transmissionUSB transmission
14Gas PressureMax. 0.1Mpa
15Oxygen PressureMax.0.7Mpa
16Cutting GasAcetylene/Propane
17Plasma Power SourceHypertherm PowerMAX65/85/105/ 200 or other
18Plasma AirOnly pressed Air
19Plasma Air PressureMax. 0.8Mpa
20Cutting precision0.5mm National standard JB/T10045.3-99
21Control accuracy0.01mm
22Power Supply Voltage/Frequency380V
23Rated Power Supply200W
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