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31.good character Portable Cnc plasma cutting machine

Quick Details

Condition: New
cutting range(mm): 1500*2000
supply voltage(V/HZ): AC220V-50HZ
Cutting torch number of groups: 1
Cutting speed(mm/min): 50-750
Maximum no-load speed(mm/min): 3000
Overall diamensions L*W*H( m): 2.5*2.2*0.34
Weight(kg): 75

Product Application

The cutting machine is modern cutting equipment with digital program control. In addition to automated cutting, it has high cutting precision, high material utilization and high production efficiency. Along with the mechanical electronic technology and computer technology progress, the CNC cutting machine with its good man-machine dialogue operation interface, powerful auxiliary support function and relative low equipment investment, is being valued by more and more enterprises and more widely used in the production.
It can be widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, petrochemical, boiler and pressure vessel, engineering machinery, light industrial machinery and other industries. Suitable for cutting metal sheets, such as the carbon steel (flame cutting), stainless steel, aluminum, copper (plasma). It particularly applies to a single piece with abnormity surface and the mass production.

Main Features

1. Main engine
2. Control system
3. Operation panel assembly
4. Longitudinal guide rail assemblyassembly
5. Lifting motor line 11. Torch assembly
6. Gas supply interface

7. Transverse guide rail assembly
8. Power cord
9. Lifting device assembly
10. Torch gripper


1.How to pay?
We can accept the payment by L/C, T/T,Western Union
2.The delivery time?
As usual,the delivery time is 5-10 working days after payment
3.How to ship?
Goods will be pakaged into composite material box

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