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high speed gantry type cnc plasma and flame cutting machine

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heavy duty high speed gantry type CNC plasma and flame cutting machine

Product Description

The gantry CNC cutting machine support plasma cutting and gas cutting. cutting length can be extend to Max 40m,cutting width from 2m to 6M.
This cutting machine is a digital program controlled modern cutting equipment, in addition to the automation of cutting operations, it also has High cutting precision, high material utilization, high production efficiency. CNC cutting machine is being more and more widely used in the production process with its good man-machine dialogue interface, a strong support function.


Can be widely used in automobiles, shipbuilding, petrochemical, boiler and pressure vessels, construction machinery, light industry machinery and other industries. Apply to carbon Steel (flame cutting), stainless steel, aluminum, copper (plasma) and other metal sheet cutting and cutting. Particularly suitable for profiled surface Single and batch production.

Basic configuration

1gantry stucture decided by  cutting width
2rails: 24KG or 38KG optional
3Longitudinal: Panasonic motor, Panasonic drive and Shimbo  reducer, 1 set for single drive,2 sets for double drive.
4transverse: Panasonic motor, Panasonic drive and Shimbo  reducer 1 set
5CNC system:Optional .usually Shanghai Fangling,F2500B.
6CNC system box
7FASTCAM professional vertion
8electric cabinet
9Plasma cutting power source LG-100-LG-400.according to your cutting material and thickness.
10plasma cutting torch.
11grounding cable for plasma cutting.
12THC (torch height controller) for plasma cutting.
13anti-collision device for plasma cutting.
14lifting body,cutting torch for flame cutting.
15Flame cutting pipeline
16Capacitor height regulator and automatic ignition device for flame cutting
17Straight cutting backboard and  torch for flame cutting
18Tracheal placement  for flame cutting

Technical parameter

ProductCNC plasma and  gas cutting machine for metal
Input voltageAC 220V±10% 50/60Hz
Effective cutting width3000 mm,4000mm,5000mm
Effective cutting lengthStandard length is 3 m, can be adjusted by customer's need. Max 40M
Cutting modeSupport plasma cutting and Flame cutting
Motor stylePanasonic servo  motor and drive,Japan Shimpo  gearbox
Drive modesingle drive or double drive
Gas cutting thickness5-150mm by oxy-fuel cutting
Plasma cutting thicknessDepends on plasma source
Cutting speed0-12000mm/min
Working precision±0.3mm/meter
Cutting gasOxygen + Acetylene/ Oxygen + Propane
Torch height control
For flame cutting
Controlled by Electric motor drive
Display screenLCD color screen, size is determined by you.
Nesting software(program)FASTCAM professional vertion
OptionPlasma torch height controller (THC)
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