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gantry cnc plasma flame cutting machine

Quick Details

Type: CNC Plasma Cutters
Condition: New
Voltage: 220V/380V
Rated Power: 11kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 7000*3000*1500mm
Weight: 1200kg
Certification: CCC
Warranty: 1 Year
Year: 2019
After-sales Service Provided: Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Online support, Video technical support
Power supply: AC220V-50HZ
Cutting accuracy: ±0.5 mm
Screen: English,French,Russia,Portuguese,Spanish and so on
Transfer: USB/SD/RS232
Cut seam compensation: Automatically/Sets up
Cutting gas: Oxygen, acetylene, propane, etc
Cutting torch height adjustment(mm): 1-150mm
Flame cutting speed: 50~700mm/min
Cutting torch lifting distance: ≤200mm
Linear repeat precision: ±0.5mm/10m

Product Description

(1) Product applications of cnc cutter machine
This product is in lower price and easy to operate and maintains. It is specially designed for cutting metal plate and baiting.The machine Can realize to cut any graphics on many kinds of metal plate. the roughness of cutting surface can reach 25 , And the cutting surface don't need to carry on the face work. Automatically hight controller, easy to operate, high precision, high reliability , low price , the operation and maintenance are very simple.this machine is widely used machine tool building, shipbuilding, pressure vessel, engineering machinery, mining machinery, electric power, bridge construction, steel structure and so on.
(2) CNC system introduction of cnc cutter machine
1.Adopt high-performance 32-bit cpu, using real-time multitasking control technology and high-speed interpolation technique. The machine work in high stability.
2.The machine craft reasonable structure, cooperate with all optical coupling isolation control, super plasma anti-interference ability
3.Powerful program storage space, meet various complex program run with the processing, easily handle large program operation
4.Adopt ARM7 processor technologies ,program running speed and interface refresh very faster
5.The file name demonstrated that convenient user direct-viewing discernment memory document content .
6.The path input uses the U plate to transmit the CAD graphic file.
7.USB, RS232 serial port communication control, U plate direct read file function, convenient scene operation.
8.In working process can change procedures freely, convenient and quick.
9.Stepping motor adopts high subdivision driver, high precision, smooth operation.
10.Time-lapse, preheating, perforation, continuous back, break-point restore function.
11. The speed can be adjusted freely.
12.Internal have signal detection function, helping users quickly solve malfunction.
13.Humanized operate interface, all Chinese menu, easy-to-use.
14.Intelligent CRC collation, data security more reliable, maximize prevent errors data generated Boot ,And automatically check hardware failures and report.
(3) Main function and character of cnc cutter machine
1.Simple easy to study, the connection is convenient.
CAD graphics automatically generate cutting tracks by conversion software .automatic diagnosis inside and outside cutting,produce the introduction lead-out wire automatically,Reasonable sorting, inner hole is preferred. Individual parts priority cutting, can use the closed graph in special cutting. Strip cutting, the most effective decrease thermal deformation.It is can be connected with imported type3, Master CAM, Pore, domestic CAXA, and wen tai software.Automatic compensation, auxiliary cutting seam of material, automatic sorting, continuous batch cutting. Automatic rise-and-fall speed, automatic identification cutting corners speed steady starting point, and improve the cutting precisio
Internal and external by U disk methods, the files by external usb afferent built-in U disk. Even without electricity, data also not lost. Data through compressed code stored, greatly improving storage quality. Random encryption methods, to ensure that the data security.
2.Easy to operate and maintenance.
Friendly interface, Chinese and English display , random hint operation method, the keyboard operation is fast , simple and clear. Interface indicator can provide fault diagnosis.
3.Excellent in quality and reasonable in price, the structure is compact.
Saves the arrangement space reasonably,strong compact structure design to make the machine run more smoothly and cutting quality assurance.
4.increase the anti-interference processing, utmost avoid failure.
(4)The basic configuration and technical parameter of cnc cutter machine
1.Famous Jiaoda CNC control system. English ,French,Russia,Portaugese and Spanish language display, USB transmission
3.1 set flame cutting torch and plasma cutting torch (please note the plasma cutting torch together with the plasma power), can according to the customer request configuration plasma or flame cutting torch.
4.Stepping motor bilateral driver.
5.Automatic arc voltage height controller
6.With auto starting fire device.
7. Equip with French TYPE3 software or integnps software , flame cutting nozzel, transmission U disk, machine education CD.
8.CNC control system:shanghai jiaoda system .

Main parameter of cnc cutter machine


Light rail
Size of the machine

Cutting area

3000×7000 mm


   (Or according customer requirement)

Cutting thicknessflame: 6~200 (mm).

plasma cutting 1-30 mm

(depend on plasma power)

Support softwareType3/Artcut6/Intergnps/Auto CAD/Art CAM/StarCAM
Power supplyAC220V-50HZ
Cutting accuracy±0.5 mm
ScreenEnglish,French,Russia,Portuguese,Spanish and so on
Cut seam compensationAutomatically/Sets up
Cutting gasOxygen, acetylene, propane, etc
Cutting torch height adjustment1-150mm
Flame cutting speed50~700mm/min

Cutting torch lifting distance≤200mm
Linear repeat precision±0.5mm/10m
Environment temperature-5~45℃
Relative humidity<95%Without condensation
Peripheral environmentVentilated, no big impact
Flame cutting torch quantitystanard1 pics (the max can be 2pcs)
Plasma cutting height controllerAutomatic height controller
Flame cutting height controllerElectric height controller
Material table        Not including
Nesting software         automatic
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