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GC-1525 Portable CNC Plasma Flame Cutting machine

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GC-1525 Portable CNC Plasma Flame Cutting machine

Product description:

Portable cnc flame/plasma cutting machine portable cnc flame/plasma cutting machine can be programmed to cut any plane shape parts composed of beeline and arc ,which are same as large gantry cutting machines . It is equipped with a 5.7 inch LED with dynamic and static graphical display .It is directly perceived and very easy to learn .It can be programmed to cutting parts directly , and also can be operated in computer translating instructions into a program file by CAD program , and then deducing it via U hardware .The standard positioning of this machine is flame cutting ,external hanging plasma cutter is also workable

Quick Details

Motor Type:Stepper Motor
Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Gotor
Rated Power:200W
Certification:CE ISO
Warranty:1 Year
After-sales Service Provided:Online support, Video technical support
Name:1525 Portable cnc cutting machine
Application:Steel Sheet Metal Cutting
Cutting mode:Plasma Cutting+ Flame Cutting
Flame cutting thickness:6~200mm
Cutting material:Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Aluminum
Gas Supply:Oxygen Acetylene Propane
Input Current:220V
Plasma cutting thickness:Depend on plasma power source
Cutting speed:0-6000mm/min


(1) Tailored track acquires high-intensity, high-speed and high-precision features.
(2) Human computer interface design makes the machine easy to learn and operate, and have complete functions.
(3) Equipped with functions of portable CNC cutting and can cut carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal plate.
(4) Enable the conversion of the CAD into the program file which can be transmitted to the main machine by USB to cut plate into any shape.
(5) With two cutting modes: Flame Cutting & Plasma Cutting.
(6) Chinese, English, French, and Portuguese are ready to use.
(7) Can automatically memorize and restore when power is off.
(8) Plasma THC ( torch height control) device function: By automatically adjust the height of the torches
according to the feedback of the plate height changes, THC can keep good effect of cutting meanwhile,
protect the torch form damage and prolong life span of the nozzles.
(9) With status indication device.
(10) With positioning functions of protection cover, proximity switch and dual-speed.

Technical Specification

1525portable cnc plasma cutting machine
Effective cutting range(mm)1500*2500mm
Cutting speed(mm/min) 50-4000(max.4000)
Input power source


Machine body


380V±10% VAC,50/60HZ   Three phase


220V±10%V AC, 50/60HZ  Single phase


Flame cutting specification(for oxy-fuel cutting)
Flame cutting thickness(mm)1-100mm(Oxygen+acetylene or propane)
Torch height controllerflame, electric height adjustment(


Flame cutting gasoxygen+propane or acetylene
Cutting torchone piece flame cutting torch
Plasma cutting sepcification(for plasma cutting)
Plasma cutting thciness(mm)0-15mm
Torch height controllerPlasma, Arc voltage height(THC)
Plasma cutting gasN2, O2, compressed air
Plasma cutter63A-160A
Cutting torch8m wire plasma torch
CNC controller systemFL2100B
MotorStepper motor
Operation precision±0.2mm/m
Guide length

×Guide width×guide thickness(mm)

Nesting softwareStarcam
Cutting model changeFlame cutting and plasma cutting can change easily.

Plasma cutting can be made if add power source,

ARC height controller and plasma torch


Used for cutting metal material such as :cast iron,carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum,etc.

Arc-Voltage Regulator

HP1201 portable arc-voltage regulator, designed for portable CNC cutting machine, light gantry CNC cutting machine.
Can be embedded into the cabinet panel, good integration, simple wiring
New brand design, use SMT ( Surface Mount Technology ) and the latest chip design
Comprehensively enhance the reliability and anti-interference ability, adding a variety of protection circuit
Liquid crystal display, real-time display status and parameters, simple and intuitive
Built-in “isolated voltage plate”, can match with the 1: 1 or 50: 1 arc-voltage input
Intelligent arc voltage, control accuracy, manual speed, automatic sensitivity and other adjustable parameters
All-in-one console that can be directly embedded into cutting machine, full-featured, compact body,
High precision voltage collection, PWM control DC motor, smooth operation, high sensitivity