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Gantry CNC Plasma Automatic Tube Cutting Machine

Quick Details

Condition: New
Voltage: 220V/380V
Rated Power: 3KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 3500*2500*2000mm
Weight: 1000 KG
Warranty: 12 months
Cutting mode: Flame, Plasma , Flame and Plasma
Cutting material: Stainless steel, Carbon steel and Aluminum exc.
Control system: Beijing Star or Shanghai Fangling
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Product Description

Product Name
Gantry cnc flame/plasma cutting machine
Processing Material
Carbon steel, stainless steel, grass, aluminum, galvanized sheets
Control system
Beijing Star or Shanghai Fangling 2300B
Starcam Software
Plasama power
Chinese famous brand Huayuan or USA Hypertherm
Flame cutting thickness
Plasma cutting thickness
Move precision
Cutting mode
falme(gas)cutting+plasma cutting

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gantry type cnc plasma cutting machine for metalgantry type cnc plasma cutting machine for metal

Cutting photo

Cutting photo

Gantry structure

The cutting machine gantry is mainly composed of the main beam and two longitudinal end frames.

Main beam is welded into light box structure with special rectangular tube with good rigidity, high precision, light weight, small inertia and other characteristics, all the rectangular tubes used have been aged before welding. On the premise of ensuring strength, The rectangular tube is adopted with intermittent welding mode to control welding stress at the minimum level.

Longitudinal endframe is welded with several steel plates. The longitudinal drive system of the machine is installed in the center of the machine, which ensures the smooth operation of the machine. The operating platform is also installed on the mainframe to facilitate the operation of the equipment.

All the structural parts of the longitudinal endframe will be treated with surface shot blasting and vibration stress relief after the completion of splicing. In this way, the surface quality of the structural parts is good and the welding stress is eliminated.

Cutting machine gantry is a key component to ensure the accuracy and stability of this machine. It is particularly important to control the processing of the beam and endframe.

Transverse driving device:

The working precision and positioning precision of transverse drive are the same as that of the longitudinal drive. The transverse drive guide is straight guide, which is the same as the longitudinal control mode, namely the high precision gear and rack driving, with high-precision precision planetary gear box and ac servo system. Under the control of the CNC system, combined with optical encoder to control the speed and position detection, it is easy to control the working precision of this machine.

Adjustable Speed Driving Amplifier is applied to the speed control, which ensures the good transmission characteristics within the whole speed range, as well as the position accuracy in the full speed range.

The two ends of the beam are both equipped with steel wire transmission devices. The main and secondary moving bodies get through the steel belt transmission device are clamped in both front and back to realize the smooth movement of the same phase and the anti-phase between the cutting torch. The two ends of the beam are equipped with transverse limit switch and machine transverse reference point.


Track width: from 3000mm to 10000mm, span varies by 500mm. Can be customized.
Cutting width (mm): 800mm less than track width
Track width (mm): can be customized
Cutting length (m): 1500mm less than track length
Cutting thickness (mm): flame: 5-160mm; plasma: 0.3-80mm
Cutting mode: flame/plasma
Drive motor number: dual drive
Cutting torch number: Standard one flame and one plasma, can be customized
Line position accuracy: ±0.2mm/10m
Repeated accuracy: ±0.2mm/10m
Comprehensive marking accuracy: ±0.5mm


1. I need a cnc cutting machine , can you give me some suggestions ?
Yes, please let us know what's your materials and the dimension of your materials,and we will recommend suitable machine to you.
2. Which kind of materials can be processed by this machine ?
Carbon steel, Stainless, Aluminium,Iron, and other metallic material.
3. I have never used this machine before, is it easy to operate ?
Yes, it's easy to learn and operate this machine, if you know computer operation, you can operate this machine freely. We also supply English user manual,and we could also supply technical support by email,Skype, phone services.etc.
4. How long is the delivery time ?
Usually it is within 7~15 working days after the payment.
5. Can you arrange the shipping to us ?
Yes, we can arrange the shipping to all our customers, we usually could get better price for you, you just let us know your consignee's details , that will be OK.
6. What's the guarantee period and the after sale services of this machine ?
The guarantee period of the whole machine is 12 months.
The 24 hours technical support and oversea services are available by phone call, email, Skype, other communicating tool.
7.What are your payment terms?
We commonly use T/T. Other ways can also be received after we both sides discussion and agreement. Any other questions contact us directly.

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