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CNC gantry two flame plasma cutting machine

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cnc gantry two flame plasma cutting machine

Our company is a professional manufacturer of CNC gantry flame - plasma cutting machine, plasma cutting machine has the following performance characteristics:

1. This machine is a modular structure cutting machine that combines high speed, precision, small size and light weight. The model controls the vertical and horizontal movements of the beam and the lateral movement of the beam torch through the numerical control system to control the vertical and horizontal drive systems. The two-dimensional motion stacking generates the geometric curve of the product surface.

2. Longitudinal rails are made of high-manganese steel with a weight of more than 18kg, and the transverse rails are guided by precision linear guides.

Applications: sheet metal processing, power equipment, agricultural machinery manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, vehicle manufacturing.

cnc gantry two flame plasma cutting machine

Technical advantages:

1、The equipment is easy to install, simple to operate, and easy to use; light and easy to install and relocate, suitable for cutting small-size thin plate steel plate, easy to configure dust removal system, relatively small capital investment.

2、This machine has a unique smoke and dust removal device, as well as an exhaust type cutting table and a slag storage device, which can greatly reduce smoke, dust and harmful gases generated during plasma cutting, and is therefore environmentally friendly.

3、Underwater cutting or shallow water surface cutting can be used.

The machine itself comes with a cutting table, users do not need to make the material base, save steel and investment, and greatly reduce the equipment procurement costs.

cnc gantry two flame plasma cutting machine

CNC gantry plasma flame cutting machine technology advantages:

1 Beams: The box body welded structure, after heat treatment to eliminate stress, with good rigidity, no deformation, high precision, light weight, small inertia characteristics.

2 Longitudinal drive frame (end frame): Horizontal guide wheels are installed at both ends to adjust the pressing degree of the eccentric wheel at the bottom of the drive frame to the guide rail, so that the whole machine can maintain a stable orientation during the movement. Equipped with a dust collector to sweep any debris accumulated on the rail surface at any time.

3 Vertical and horizontal drive: Both have precision gear racks for transmission. The horizontal guide rails are made of precision cold-drawing guide plates, longitudinal guide rails are made of precision-processed rails (heavy rails), and the deceleration devices are made of imported precision gear reducers to realize either the same-direction cutting or mirror-cutting.

Cutting process

1. CNC gate flame and plasma cutting machines are suitable for precision cutting of various thicknesses of carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal sheets.

2. CNC flame can be used for high-quality cutting of 5-300mm carbon steel. The CNC plasma cutting machine can perform high-quality cutting and cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel and non-ferrous metals with thickness of 1.0-150mm.

3. The plasma cutting can be configured with a water bed for underwater or shallow water surface cutting, which can greatly reduce the environmental pollution such as smoke, arc, harmful gas, and noise generated by plasma cutting. The environmental protection effect is good. You can also choose dry dust and other purification equipment.

4. Flame cutting can use oxygen - gas mode, gas using acetylene, propane, liquefied gas, etc.; plasma cutting using air, oxygen, nitrogen, H2, H35, F5, H20 and so on.