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Main features Main Features

With soft switching inverter technology, the cutting current is very stable
High load duration for heavy industry
Cutting current ramping technology reduces torch accessory consumption
Wide grid voltage adaptability
Unique dustproof design, high reliability
Compact structure, small size and light weight, it can be mounted on CNC machine tools
Cutting air source with cheap compressed air, low cutting cost
Precise preset cutting current, steplessly adjustable
With plasma gas pressure detection and indication function
With gas test function, easy to adjust air pressure
With overheat, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss automatic protection
Product Application
Mainly used for manual and machine cutting of metal materials such as carbon steel, alloy steel and non-ferrous metals.
Widely used in boiler chemical industry, pressure vessel production, industrial power plant installation, metallurgical construction, chemical construction, aerospace industry, automobile manufacturing and maintenance, architectural decoration, etc.

Product details:

Condition: New
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Gaochuang
Rated Power:500W
Dimension(L*W*H):800X380X 810mm
Warranty:1 Year, 1 Year
Type:Plasma Power Source
Application:Industrial Metal Cutting
Cutting material:Metal Stainless Steel Carbon
Cutting mode:Plasma Cutting
Current Adjustment Range:40A-200A
Cutting thickness:1~18mm


Input  PowerV/Hz3~380±15%  50/60 
Rated  Input  capacityKVA17.8 
Rated  Input  CurrentA27
Rated  Open  Circuit  VoltageV300
Rated  Cutting  CurrentA120
Rated  loading VoltageV128
Current  Adj  RangeA30~100
Quality  Cutting  Thicknessmm0 -22
Plasma  gas-Compressed  Air
Air  PressureMpa0.45~0.6
Output  Signal  of  Arc  Voltage-1: 1  /  1: 20  1: 50  /  1: 100 Arc  Voltage
Cutting  Torch  Cooling  Mode-Air  cooling
Rated  Duty  Cycle%100/40° C
Insulation  Grade-F
Protection  Grade-IP21S
Dimensions(L× W× H)mm695× 320× 580
Power  Source  N. W.Kg51